Blaze Bernstein Memorial Service Statement


On this day of true sadness, we want to thank the media and people around the world for your support. We are heartbroken. As we lay Blaze to rest, we ask that communities around the world that were touched by Blaze’s life, help us keep his memory and loving spirit alive.

Blaze was on a path to repair our World and it is a moral imperative that we all take steps now to make sure that his dream is realized. We won’t succumb to hate, bitterness, or disillusionment; we will use wisely the time we have left together. 

When we stop crying we will start doing positive things to affect change. We ask that everyone work towards something good. Stop being complacent. Do something now.

In the months to come, as part of our healing process, we too will act to heal the world. That is what Blaze would want. We still believe that people are good, we have seen this first hand in the tremendous amount of support we have received from people world wide. We can do this!

Please join us at to find out how each of us can spread light in Blaze’s memory through acts of kindness.

Our love and blessings to all.


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